Intelligence Projects
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In our Intelligence work we offer tailor-made consulting services for medium and large corporations. We work differently than large consulting and research companies. We work lean, without countless interfaces that only cost you, and with decades of experience, comprehensive expertise and local experts directly on site - in currently 70 countries.

We rely on an experienced team of project managers and industry-specific researchers. Many of them have worked with leading (strategy) consulting firms or in large corporations. We also have a global international research network that has grown over the years.

Are you facing the following Challenges?

  • Dealing with new competitors
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    Expansion into new markets
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    Monitoring of existing competitors
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    Analysis of growth markets

‚ÄčWe can help you.

With over 20 years of experience we have supported numerous companies in several industries in their Market Expansion and Strategic Growth initiatives (conducting a multitude of Intelligence related projects). Beside intelligence based Growth projects we are advising clients to implement and improve Intelligence in their organization, offering specific Strategic Business Simulations (wargaming) for decision makers.

Project Experience

  • Analysis of new application areas for a German chemical company
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    Identification of partners for a leading chemical company
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    Detailed competitive analysis of Chinese players
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    Market potential estimation for Eastern Europe
  • Observing the competition of the German management consulting market
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    Detailed competitive analysis of an automotive supplier
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    Current development of electric mobility
  • check
    Analysis of the used car market in Eastern Europe
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    Visualization of OEM manufacturing sites worldwide
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    Market trends and conditions in a European country